I hope…yes I do!

The lovely Umm Ibrahim has bestowed upon me the gift of a beautiful tag.


1. ON your blog, post the Rules & 10 things you have HOPE for in your life.

2. LINK Tag 10 people (we want hope to spread people!) and LINK the person who tagged you.

3. Comment/Notify the 10 People they’ve been tagged.

      I hope to:

      1. learn to have better control of my temper.

      2. be able to ignore silly distractions of life, and enjoy the beauty of this life instead.

      3. never again be bothered by ridiculous people.

      4. pay closer attention and respect to my dearest friends.

      5. get a job I am happy and satisfied with.

      6. live my life with dignity and strength.

      7. always have Allah’s protection and guidance.

      8. read Qur’aan every day…at this point, I am skipping days. 😦

      9. practice as much of Islam as I can learn.

      10. die with imaan, be granted forgiveness for my many misdeeds, and have the Mothers of the Believers over for dinner with my family and friends in Jannah.

        I tag: Aaminah, Digital Jewel, Queenie, Mona, asqfish, Muslim Wife, Orange Ninja Woman, Noora, Ajla, and Arab Lady.


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        12 Responses to I hope…yes I do!

        1. Umm Ibrahim says:

          Assalaamu alaikum

          Alhamdu Lillah you did it sis. 😀
          Like your no. 2 and 3!

          Umm Ibrahim

        2. Wa AlaykumusSalaam! Of course I did it, I never turn down a good tag 😀 Thanks for giving me the opportunity to be hopeful! *hugs*

        3. Salam!!! I will answer the tag later! I can’t wait. 🙂

        4. queenie says:

          Woho! I feel like I haven’t been tagged for a while 🙂

        5. Ah, man, you knowww how I lazy I am! This wasn’t so bad actually, given the daydreamer that I am, I’m almost done. 😉

          May all your hopes come true. Ameen. 🙂

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        7. Rebellious, I can’t wait to read your hopes!

          queenie, It has been a while! Looking forward to yours!

          DigiJewel, get on it, young ‘un! Oh, almost done, eh? Ameen…and same right back at ya!

          Aaminah, yay, yours is done…I am cruising on over 🙂

        8. orange ninja says:

          Haha. Will tend to the tag asap!
          asalamo alaikum

        9. orange ninja, wa ‘AlaykumusSalaam…looking forward to it! 🙂

        10. theorangeninjawoman says:

          Did it. Woo hoo.
          Asalam o alaikum:)

        11. noora says:

          Digital niqabi girl, u did not notify me of this tag! how was i suppose to know!… hehe but glad i read it and found out, I LOVE TAGS…yes yes inshAllah i will reply asap 😀

          love u and agree of all that u have mentioned, especially the last one, i want the mothers of the believers over for dinner 🙂

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