I was looking at news from South Africa today, specifically in the crime section of the online paper. I do this sometimes to help myself remember one of the many things that I don’t miss about SA. Well, there I was, cruising down the page, when I saw that the President’s official residence in Pretoria was robbed, and the thieves made off with about 20K – 30K Rands worth of aluminum (which is about 2.6K – 3.9K US$):

the 10mm aluminium wire which had been installed in the roof over the past three weeks, formed part of a network of the house’s electronic fittings, including closed-circuit television cameras and computer systems, that was designed to protect the house against lightning.

So, that right there is pretty amazing…imagine living in a country where even the head of state’s official residence is not safe! Well, the irony of it all is this: a few years ago, Mr. Mbeki (SA’s President) said that crime in SA was not really all that it’s made out to be. Perhaps now he might change his mind? If not, then dude…what does it take?!


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