The Story of a Little Iranian Boy

There once was a little boy from Iran, whose parents put him in preschool. His father was fluent in English as well as Farsi, while his mother knew only Farsi and some English. The little boy would look around him, observing everything silently. Not a word did he say. Not even by mistake. Days turned into weeks, and then into months. Thanksgiving was approaching, and still nothing. The teachers contacted his parents saying their little boy will not talk. His father said, “Oh no, he talks! He won’t keep quiet! He pesters his little sister. He talks about school. He talks and talks and talks.” The teachers were thinking, “Hmmm…and so we’ve got another parent who is overrating their child as usual.” 😉 Then, the day before Christmas, the teacher is walking about her class, and then is standing in one area and she hears some talking. She turns to see which kids are talking up a storm…and to her surprise…the little boy is with a friend and they’re talking in…Spanish! Skipped right over English, and went to Spanish…all because the boy he liked and always was following around only spoke Spanish. Now that’s brilliant. 🙂 After the Winter Break, he came back and was also showing off his English skills too.

So like, basically, for a lil kid to be trilingual will not damage their language skills, and would actually help them. Like, duh, that would be no brainer…but hey, at least people have come around thanks to research. 😛 That was a real story btw. 🙂


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