The Story of a Little Girl

Once upon a time, there was a little girl who was being home-schooled. This little girl used to make her mother crazy…or should I say that her mother used to get crazy without this little girl even trying. Every time they would read something in history or English, the mother would ask the little girl questions about it all. And the little girl would say “I don’t know.” The mother would ask her to write down her responses, and the little girl would sit for hours staring at the page, and write down a couple of sentences at most. This continued all the way through junior high, and the mother was beginning to worry that this will be the one child who does not go to college.

When time came for the grown up little girl to go to college, she got a huge lecture on how patient her mother had been with her, but college professors are just not the same. They will all fail her if she continues this way! This made the little girl very unhappy and afraid of college. But the little girl would not ask for help, until the night before her first paper was due! And when this first paper came due, she emailed the paper to her big sister and asked for it to be proof-read for grammar and spelling. What a paper it was! Big sister told mother the next morning, “Why were you yelling at her for not writing and talking? She writes great!”

*Perhaps not as well-written a story as the ones on my sister’s blog, but hey, at least you can be guaranteed that this story is true…and you know someone is going to be semi-outraged to read this :mrgreen: . As such, it will be taken down in a day or so, so don’t kill me yet, lil sis. 😛


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4 Responses to The Story of a Little Girl

  1. athoofa says:

    LOOOOOOOOOOL this little girl seems familiar 😛 hehehe I’m really laughing now, soo nicely written hahaha I have something to tease the someone now, could i save it DN? pweaasee? hehe this is the funniest thing I’ve read today 😀

  2. orange ninja says:

    Asalam o alaikum.
    The little girl’s all grown up now and blogs away… that should’ve been added too.

  3. Omigawsh…that’s embarrassing. 😳

    You won’t havta save it athoofsy, I’ll let her keep it up. Only cuz I’ll make sure she pays for this somehow. 😉

    Hehe, good addition there orange ninja. 😳

  4. athoofa, hahaha it was good…what was better is that she didn’t see it until hours later. And happy to help 😉

    orange ninja, yesssss I knew I was forgetting something! 😀 I was writing in a rush, hoping she wouldn’t catch me 😆

    DigiJ, oh come on…pay for this? Please…nooooooo! 😆 Well, whatever it is, it’s worth it…thanks for letting me keep it up *wub*

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