The Turtle

Here’s another cute story about a kid in preschool.

Lil Mathew did not draw.  He would look at the other kids drawing, but he would not venture to do anything with the paint and easel himself.  His mother would eagerly after school and ask, did Mathew draw anything?  The teachers did not worry about it too much, after all each kid grows at their own pace, and eventually he’ll do it when he wants.  That day finally came.  One teacher comes whispering, Mathew’s at the easel!  Slowly, each of the teachers casually walk by acting as if they’re doing something important, but really to see what he’s drawing.  To their astonishment, they see Mathew working away at his masterpiece, and towards the end they see a tree, a pond, a turtle.  Then, he brings it to them, but there’s no tree, or pond, or turtle.  It’s a brown sheet of paper. :shocked:

His mother comes to pick him, and has her usual question.  The teachers show off his art work, whispering to her that he really did draw more than this, but he painted over it.  She was 😕 and goes “oh my, it’s brown!”  Mathew says…”Yups, turtles in hibernation! 🙂 ”  Needless to say, the mother wasn’t toooo thrilled, but she tried to fake it.  LOL. 😛


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  1. Dude, I have a better story. Well, I think it’s better. Perhaps it’s only just as good.

  2. me says:

    stupid turtle

  3. The creation of Allah can never be called stupid. 😥

  4. Not never!!! :mrgreen: Come on, we must make allowances for the human creation. :mrgreen:

  5. me says:

    ok ok cool it down both of u, was just playing. 🙂

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