I am so angry

I was reading the LA Times online, intending to link to two opinion pieces, when another headline caught my eye: Tough love ends in family tragedy. I am not a person who is too big on tough love, so this headline seemed like it would cater to my inherent biases. And it did! It certainly did. It’s an article about a 41 year old son who has a history of refusing to grow up, broke into his father’s house while the dad was on vacation, and was about to make off with a baseball cap. A neighbor heard the door of the house being kicked in, and called 911, the cops came and arrested him, and called his parents, who decided to press charges against their son because really, enough was apparently enough. Little did they know. This is what happened:

[The father] pressed charges, banking on a prosecutor’s assurance that Sean would be ordered to undergo alcohol counseling as a condition of his probation, if he was convicted.

“You don’t want to see your kid in jail,” McNamara said in a recent interview. “But I felt that him being put in rehab was going to be good for him.”

But Sean never made it to rehab.

He was nearly beaten to death in a Los Angeles County jail after being placed in dorms with about 200 fellow inmates, many of them violent members of the Southsiders gang. McNamara was attacked when the guard who was supposed to be watching them left his post.

The attack, in which inmates allegedly jumped from third-tier bunks onto his head as he lay on the floor, left him with permanent brain damage.


Sean was in jail awaiting trial at the North County Correctional Facility in Castaic, a barracks-style lockup well known for inmate brawls, when he was attacked on June 7, 2005.

He was one of a handful of white inmates in a dorm with about 200 Latinos, violent gang members among them, records show. The gang members struck when a guard left to monitor an area about 75 feet away, where he couldn’t see or hear those in McNamara’s area.

One of the inmates has since pleaded no contest to attempted murder and was sentenced to six years in state prison, according to a district attorney’s spokeswoman.

I would just like to add my opinion to all this: If this had been a person of color, and the other inmates had been white, the entire city of Los Angeles would be in flames right now. This crime definitely has overtones of being race-based, and I don’t understand how it is not being recognized as such. This is insanity, and those barbarians in that prison who did this need the death-penalty. 6 years in prison for causing somebody permanent brain damage? The bastard should fry. I know, I used a horrible word, but honestly, there isn’t another word that would apply to them.


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2 Responses to I am so angry

  1. Em says:


    Masyallah.This is so sad but seriously I believe that sometimes human cruelty have no bounds and at times punishments do not equaly the crime.

    But again I truly believe that this killer has sealed his fate in terms of the hereafter…

  2. Kelly says:

    Poor parents they thought they were doing the right thing. This is a problem in american jails! Racism is rife especially against whites.

    I cannot imagine how the parents are feeling.
    Punishing the culprit is no answer after all this happened in Prison. If a guy is never to say light again he doesn’t care what he does whilst inside.

    The more nasty and brutal you are the more likely you will be left alone by other inmates.

    This is really sad.

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