I do not like…

…group projects. And professors should seriously do away with ’em.

I don’t like when group members do not communicate.
Or worse, when they do, they call at the last moment. Sue me, I need time.

I don’t like it when group members know they suck at something, yet they want to do it.
And when I try to gently say I’d do it, they ignore me and give me something I don’t want.

I don’t like it when group members have an attitude.
It’s funny how the girl herself was picking on a social worker who gave them an attitude, and she’s doin it herself. Argh.

Ah well, the project will be history in 20 hours, and then to look forward to next semester and some new crazy group project. 😛


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Just another girl who writes stuff, who thinks the world is screwed up, who believes things can change, who knows it most probably won't.
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7 Responses to I do not like…

  1. Matrix says:

    I guess you didn’t like it. 😦

  2. Matrix says:

    or did you?

  3. Sure I did. How about replying to my e-mail now, eh? 🙂

  4. Matrix says:

    Email? What email? I didnt get any email..

  5. Matrix says:

    please send the email again. There might’ve been a mistake

  6. Ajla says:

    GROUP PROJECT! Oh how I hate thee.

    Those imbiciles (other group members). But I’m such an badass, I just don’t give an flower. 😀 When they ain’t good at something, I say it. Gently, meaning I don’t even hit them. See how gentle I can be? But I do take critique pretty good aswell, it’s not I think I’m perfect but..

    I want my projects to be flawless and anyone in my way will be eliminiated! I like to discuss with people and interact, but when it comes to work that’ll get judged and added to my grade, I find it to be hard. How does the teacher now what I did and what they did? Heck, on what basis do they give me a note? They say your grade is also based on the group project. They can’t SEE or KNOW how much I’ve worked on it as I can’t even put my name on MY stuff! What if I’m the silent type at class, when they see me (ie start judging)? Based on nonsense I say.

    There have been times in my youth we’re I’ve seen people take advantage of the smart and silent ones. Back then I gave them a glare. Now they can almost taste my fist!

    [/rant] I’m aggressive. Not even near as much physically as I may come off here, I actually dislike too much touch with people I dislike.. I rather consider myself an good candidate for verbal murderer. My mouth is dangerous.
    And my finger tips, stop writing nooowww!

  7. In your youth…? You’re still a kid y’know!! I mean, ‘eck, if I’m still a kid, you have to be a kid too! 😉

    Ahh, you go girl. I want my projects to be flawless too, but hardly have gotten my way so far. Heh, I should become like you. 😛 Over here, they make us fill out fill out evaluations, and you have to say what each group member did / did not do, which is pretty good.

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