It’s finally over!

OmG, is everybody as happy as me that we finally have a Democratic nominee for President? And is everybody as un-shocked as me that the very day after Senator Obama’s victorious over-throwing of the sure-shot Senator Clinton, they all made their requisite pilgrimage to the powers that be? 😉 And oh yeah! Is anybody surprised that Mr. Obama turned away from his church? The dude can’t reconcile the volatile positions of his church with the mainstream culture, so he rejects it altogether. And yet, he is going to be capable of uniting a nation?! Joke of the millenium. And don’t tell me that it was a strategic move to make; everything is strategic. As a diplomat, he is supposed to be making strategic moves that change the nation (in a positive way!), not strategic moves that maintain the status quo.

Now that the madness of uncertainty is over, we’ll be able to hear less hyperbole, more reality. They are all the same, and I feel sorry for the people who vote for him expecting change. Politicians are all the same. Every last one of them. Except for Nader 😀 He rocks.


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3 Responses to It’s finally over!

  1. Edwards rocks too. *sniffs*

  2. queenie says:

    I am so glad it’s finally over. The nomination race has been played-out for too long.

  3. DigiJ, Yes, ok, Edwards rocks too…but he is no longer in the running. What if he gets the VP position, though? Hmmmmm.

    queenie, It got so boring, I quit paying attention.

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