US$4.40 and rising rapidly

We went out yesterday to the library, and my eyes happened to fall on an ever-present gas station. The average price of gasoline out here is US$4.40 per gallon. This is astronomical, and only last week, it was around $4.01. How much are you paying for gas (or petrol, if you will), or if you are commuting by mass transit, how much is gas in your area? The curious would like to know.


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  1. Umm Layth says:

    It’s about 4 dollars now it seems. My husband is switching jobs and buying a bike insha’Allah. The new location is about a 15 minute walk from our apt. That will help a lot insha’Allah. When he goes back to university he hopes to buy a bus pass, it’s just that our transporation system here sucks pretty bad. Alhamdulillah.

  2. Umm Ibrahim says:

    Assalaamu alaikum,

    I am in Saudi Arabia so gas is cheaper than water here! 😛 However… if I were in the UK (my country) I would be paying a LOT more than you just per litre! In the UK now I think it is around $4 just for 1 litre which is around double what you guys pay. 😉

  3. WM says:

    Last time I checked, your average litre of unleaded was £1.15 (say [US] $2.30), with prices still rising.

  4. dinos says:

    i just know that the price of everything is getting higher! there are new tolls now in dubai! soon we will have to pay to breath!!

  5. athoofa says:

    like Umm Ibrahim i’m in saudi arabia so its cheap 😀 but I know the prices are crazy back home in Sri Lanka

  6. Umm Layth,
    Having a shorter trip to work will be wonderful for your husband, inshaAllah…especially if he occasionally might have to use his car. And if your mass transit is as bad as ours out here, then I really feel your sadness. Alhamdulillah.

    Umm Ibrahim,
    well it’s an even trade then, coz you need water pretty badly there, I would imagine.

    welcome! And if your gasoline is that much, then it’s actually around US$ 8.70 per gallon…that is ridiculous! I think we are heading in that direction, though.

    for real, we will soon be paying to breathe! With the prices of everything rising 30% and more, it’s getting very expensive to live!

    yes, you are fortunate with the gas prices 😀 but, not so fortunate with the price of water 😦 Wait, hmmmmmm…can you get zam-zam water easily where you are?

  7. aoife says:

    I’m where UmmLayth is… the gas is hitched to 3.99/gal. What I can’t understand is the random up and downs every three or four days by about 15 cents.

  8. mems says:

    at times like this, i wonder at how we complained when it was $3.40/gal. now even that seems heavenly.

  9. Lauren says:

    Here in Canada it’s 133.33!! Shitty for you!

  10. In NY about the same…around 4.27 a gallon….with no end in sight to when it’ll go down!

  11. aoife, yes those sudden spikes are rather jarring to the senses!

    , lol I overheard a few teens walking down my street the other day saying the same thing: “Remember when we were shocked about $2 a gallon of gas? Man, I wish it was $2 now!”

    , is that how much it cost to fill your tank? Can$ 133.33? That is pretty shocking, I bet.

    Miss Muslimah
    , well hopefully with the increase in oil production that OPEC is agreeing to, we’ll finally see some relief!

  12. Dawn says:

    The price of gas is just unreal. My husband says in a couple of months we’ll see many more commuters on bikes if it keeps on going up this way.

    Very interesting blog, I’m glad I came across it.

  13. Nah,Im not as optimistic….lol

  14. Muslim Apple says:

    I just filled up my tank on Friday for $3.99 a gallon.

  15. Dawn, I am glad you came across it too! The gas prices seem to have stabilized somewhat…it’s “only” $4.55 right now, I was expecting it to about $5 by now. That’s a “bet” I am happy to lose! 🙂

    Miss Muslimah
    , You need to invest in shares in this company called Optimism 😛

    Muslim Apple
    , nice to see you around again! I envy your region’s gas prices…

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