I wish…

…all the History / Political Science teachers could be interesting and passionate and have it in them to keep their students awake, even when they’re teaching something utterly boring.  Sometimes I feel like majoring in one of those subjects, just to become a teacher so that the students will have a break from boring nutters.  So yeah, I was really scared to take Political Science, and decided I’d take it in the summer and that too in a 4 week class rather than the 8 week class.  Kinda like bad medicine, you take it cuz you have to and swallow it as fast as possible. 😉 But the class kinda is like that really nice cough syrup (which everytime I have, I want more. 😳 ).  Seriously, the teacher totally surprised me and is really cool, and it’s not hard for me to stay up for 3 hours and take notes. :shocked:  Man…I love school again. 🙂


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2 Responses to I wish…

  1. Ajla says:

    *ignores that the word ‘love’ has been associated with the torture called ‘school*

    I’m glad you like it! History / Political Science is great, in my opinion! I’ve always loved that subject. (Not always, but since I’ve had it) I also like my teacher, he’s pretty good. Keeps us motivated and stuff, so cheers to him!

  2. LOL! Love is amazing innit. 😉

    Well, I do like History and Political Science, but the thing is, it’s always made so boring! Only in 9th grade when we were studying World History, the teacher wasn’t boring, and that’s because he didn’t really talk to us and didn’t give us a textbook, but made us go research the topics. 🙂

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