Certain death…or not just yet!

I’m watching the men’s final at Wimbledon, and I just wanted to say, it’s inspiring. Mr. Federer just swung his way out of the biggest hole, certain death, and he and Nadal are doing it with style! Woohoo!!!

And just when you get into it, England decides to give us a rain break…the second rain break for the match. Sheesh. How do people live in that country without drowning from all that rain?! 😛


Ohhhh, Roger Federer lost 😦 At least, he lost with class and spirit. And Nadal won with class and spirit. That was a fun match to watch, probably the most exciting tennis I’ve watched ever.


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7 Responses to Certain death…or not just yet!

  1. Ajla says:

    I knew Nadal would win. lol

    I know that feeling how having watched a real good game! Ach, during the European football competition this year, every match that Turkey played got by heart to move even faster!

    The Turkey-Croatia game was, sooo good.

  2. DigiJ, 😥 It’s ok…he won with class, so I can forgive…and at least they made it exciting *hug*

    Ajla, How did you know?! 😡 Your vibes made him win 😡 I almost had a heart attack watching the match…they were breathing fire down each other’s back for a whole 3 sets!
    I hope Turkey won? I want all things Turkish to win :mrgreen:

  3. Ajla says:

    I just knew. I saw his Gillette ad and thought to myself… “He will loose”. That ad was horrible.
    *tsk tsk*

    My vibes make people win? Uuuuuuh, yeaah. 😀

    Turkey won that match! But… *cries a river* Came as third place in the end of the tournament.. They lost to Hitler! — Uh, Germany!

    I love the fact you want all things Turkish to win! ❤ Me too!

  4. Now I need to go see that ad! lol @ your faux pas, naughty girl…you can’t keep calling them Hitler…well, ok, you can, since they beat Turkey 😥

    Turkey just makes me smile; if I believed in past lives, I would say I was probably a Turk in another life coz what else would explain this weird love for that place? ❤

  5. Ajla says:

    Awww, probably! 😀 If I believed in such, I’d say I was an koala. An Kosovanian koala. ;D LOL

    You just obviously gotta marry an Turk, I mean, don’t think about any other sorts. It’s so obvious. You gotta go to Turkey and find your man! And if not husband, but something wayyyy more important.. the perfect Turkish düner! *wub* Foood.. Mhmmmm…

    You’ve got any sorts connection to Turkey, like love for kebab or something else? There must be some kind of explanation. *goes rational* B^D

  6. No no, you *are* a Kosovanian koala!!! 😛 rofl I wouldn’t dare think of any other sorts but Turkish from this day forward…it’ll have to be going to Turkey for my man, coz I don’t eat meat 😛 Oh wait, I could go there just for the Turkish sweets *double mmmmmmm* and for Topkapi Palace *triple mmmmmmmm* See how men get bumped down so fast?! :mrgreen:

    Well, actually, I love the history of the Ottoman Empire; some things about the history *does* infuriate me, but most of it is just an amazing legacy for the entire Muslim world to look on with in pride. There’s the rational explanation, my lovable koala 😀

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