Preparing for Ramadaan

So, it’s already the second of Sha’baan, and everyone’s getting wound up about Ramadaan. Last night, we moved things around in our living room and dining room, making it so that we can have our floor seating as we always do. Today, my dad went to the chicken guy, and had him slaughter a whole lot of chicken for Ramadaan. It literally seems like a few weeks ago that we were doing the same thing for last year’s Ramadaan…that is how fast the time has flown by. I know, I always say that…but it’s true that Ramadaan just comes by faster every year.

What are you doing to prepare for Ramadaan, either physically or spiritually? Or are you just getting a wee bit happier?


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6 Responses to Preparing for Ramadaan

  1. Hijabi Apprentice says:

    Asalaamu Alaikum DN,

    I am organizing a menu, stocking the freezer, searching for Eid presents, Eid clothes for the family. I am also saving money for extra sadaqa. I will be brushing up on my Qur’an shortly!

  2. Wa ‘Alaykum Salaam, Hijabi Apprentice! Ohhh yes, that’s next for us too, writing up a menu…I am fore-seeing a lot of pies this Ramadaan. And, with how slow I am on my Qur’aan-reading, I started brushing up at the beginning of the year, but I will definitely need to step up on that too. I wish you all the best in your preparations!

  3. asqfish says:

    I have inshallah blocked off the last ten days of Ramadan for ibadah. Please make dua for me.

  4. asqfish, That sounds so wonderful, such a lovely use of the last 10 days! Please, remember me in your du’aas during those blessed days and nights, inshaAllah.

  5. Rayyan says:

    May we witness this blessed month to come, in less than a fortnight or so… Ameen.

    Allahumma Baarik lana fi Shaban wa Ballighna Ramadhan.

    Oh yes everyone really goes out of their way to prepare for Ramadhan…..
    We are already getting into our festive season…
    Ahlan Ahlan Ya Ramadhan
    (just an early welcome…)

    Request duas.

  6. Rayyan, wa alaykum salaam. Yes, the festive season is upon us, alhamdulillah! I request the same. 🙂

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