Beijing ’08

Well, by now, the entire world has watched the stunningly creative and majestically orchestrated extravaganza that China wowed us all with. Every time something happened, we’d all clap madly, as if we had a hand in it or something 😆 I kept reading around the blogosphere that it was going to be amazing, but deliberately didn’t stick around for details, because of course, I wanted to be as surprised as they had been. And I was! From the countdown with the flashing light-drums, I was so hooked. It was hard to pick a favorite part of the night: the drums/lights, or the printing press/blocks weaving signs of harmony, or the paddle show, or the Tai-Chi demonstration? Or could the effects and animation be the most amazing thing, with the Olympic rings being peeled off the ground and floating in the air? Or was it the little Chinese boy who was a survivor of the Sichuan quakes? Whatever was my favorite, I don’t know….but it was all certainly a fitting way to lead up to the lighting of the Olympic cauldron. The poor Queen of England must be choking on her jewels hoping that London can match this show from her former colony.

Which countries athletes had the best Opening Day costumes? I really liked the traditionally-inclined outfits (Gambia, most Arab/African countries, India {woohooo}, Lesotho {my favorite, for style alone}) more than any others. Sweden surprised me (pleasantly) with their Chinese-styled garments. And it was awesome seeing a few hijabed heads, from places like Iran and the Maldives. The one I liked best of all, though, was the Palestinian’s: the kaffiyeh printed shirts, and that one girl’s dress, which was just wowzers! It was a small delegation, but done well with pride. Oh, and I discovered that Belarus has a gorgeous flag.

And of course, in true Nomadic style, I have to complain about something. Please, stop your groaning…you know this is the part you were waiting for 😛 And here it is: Why did the NBC announcer have to say the same predictable stuff about Saudi Arabia when their athletes paraded by? Really, was it entirely necessary to bring up, yet again, that KSA is the only country where women are not permitted to drive, and have no female athletes in their delegation? Don’t you guys ever get tire of repeating the same stuff about the same countries at the same predictable moments? Ever?! I noticed that they neglected to mention that Kuwait and Iraq also don’t have any women on their teams; and how come it was not an equally big deal that Iran, a notoriously conservative Muslim country, does have a couple of female athletes? Just curious! It was nice to hear other interesting bits about other countries (Vietnam has 150 medals for mathematics, but just 1 medal from the Olympics; Central African Republic is in…Central Africa) but really, the same drivel about KSA had to bear repeating? Ok then.


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4 Responses to Beijing ’08

  1. ummaslam says:

    As Salaamu Alaikum
    My kids and I watched also and the clothes were nice. BTW did you see the one country come out with all the women in red and white with the red polka dots LOL I was dizzy just watching them lol

  2. No, no… “Central African Republic is a Republic…in Central Africa!” 😆

    Ahh, that was the bestttt Olympics opening ever. China did it in styyyle. 😀

  3. mems says:

    I missed most of the spectacular opening ceremony because the men in my family were too absorbed in watching South Asian politics on the news :(. When I heard the Saudi commentary I rolled my eyes- it’s almost become a reflex reaction now when you hear things about Muslims.

  4. Umm Aslam, wa Alaykum Salaam! 😆 The Hungarian one was just funny…they had this big red floral print on a white dress. It was beautiful, but seeing 20 dresses all the same like that was too visually over-powering. And the costumes of the Chinese performers were works of art. I want one of those Tai-Chi outfits! So modest *and* stylish!

    , rofl It was the best ever. Every Olympics just gets better…I wonder if London can continue that trend 😀

    , Well, the South Asian politics had to heat up at the wrong time, huh? 😆 gotta love those eye-roll moments!

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