Go China!

Last night’s opening night ceremony was the most amazing and spectacular Olympics opening I’ve ever seen.  China truly did it in style and even though I expected them to do a great job, it was outstanding and jaw dropping.  Every performance was better than the last.  The coolest was the digital lit up countdown, and the funniest undoubtedly was seeing the men pop out from the floating boxes.  Of course, I’m dying to know how exactly they achieved having the boxes floating, and how the Olympic Torch appeared in the end.  The child at the end was like perfect…  After having had going through past of China, and then modern stage they are at, it just fit to have the child who did such an amazing thing, to show tomorrow’s adult and what a bright future they have ahead of them. 🙂

Ah, now I’m waiting for the closing night. 😆  Heh, it’ll be interesting to see what kind of a sneak peek London will give us for 2012.  It’s gonna be 4 years of hard work to outdo China…I wonder if the “Empire” can pull it off. 😛


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3 Responses to Go China!

  1. me says:

    Stupid, pls decied on which side of the fence u want to be on.
    At one time u talking of Allah and his Rasool (S.A.W) and on the other u praising the kafir.
    And now u are saying GO CHINA, but on the other hand u say that u want to migrate to Makkah.
    what is this world coming to?.

  2. People resorting to giving “advice” by insults. What has the ummah come to indeed.

    I wasn’t praising the “kuffar”, and quite frankly, I’m sick of people who live in the West and diss the “kuffar”. The Muslims were the greatest, and we could out do them any day in anything, but do we put our minds to it? No, we put our minds to gossiping, backbiting, sehr, competing for the dunya to a point where there is only destructive jealousy in our eyes, and other such evils.

    And Muslims are participating it in. And don’t recall any fatwa on it being haraam to participate/watch the Olympics or any sports, so gimme a break. 🙂

  3. me says:

    U can carry on its yr prblem.

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