I know I’ve descended to the pits of being a bad blogerette, but I’m working on improving. You can count on me blogging daily in Ramadaan about something hopefully useful.


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  1. Umm Ibrahim says:

    Salaam… look forward to the really useful posts then insha’Allah! Oh and welcome back to blogdom. 🙂

  2. WaAlaykum Salaam! Thank you, although, I disappear so frequently I hardly deserve a welcome 😆

  3. You can blog in Ramadan about daily good deeds we can do that usually people don’t think about.

  4. By the way! Stop being a lazy blogger! 🙂

  5. Rebellious, I’ll try to not be so lazy 😆 And yes, that is a good idea for Ramadaan. What I was actually going to do was pick out a verse from the Qur’aan that really moves me, as I will be reading the English translation as well as the Arabic, inshaAllah. I’ll probably combine the two ideas…thanks, chica 😀

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