From Hillary to Barack?

I never intended to vote for Hillary Clinton. I also, like the majority of America, had no idea that somebody like Barak Obama would win the nomination. I am no fan of Senator Obama, just like I am no huge fan of Senator Clinton. He’s got an unproven track record, and he does not come out of tough situations gracefully. I see him fumbling in ways that, if it were Hillary Clinton, she would be lambasted for being unprofessional, ungraceful, and any fumbling or stumbling she would do would be reiterated for weeks, if not forever. Given that, given how rudely Hillary Clinton has always been treated by the media, which is egged on by the not-so-innocent public, why would anybody expect her die-hard supporters to just switch allegiance from her to Senator Obama? I don’t understand it.

To me, this primary election season was about more than met the eye. It was about more than party politics. It was about the candidates, personally. It was about people who identified with one candidate for very personal reasons. Given that, it is unreasonable for the Democratic party leaders like Nancy Pelosi to be telling Hillary Clinton’s supporters to “get over it” and unite with the Obama crowd. Get over it? If someone were to tell me to “get over” something or someone I wanted desperately, I’d think that person was insane. There are some things that can’t merely be gotten over. There are some things that require a healing process. It’s perhaps disconcerting to associate something as cold and calculated as a primary election process with something as deep and psychological as a healing process. But this appears to be our reality.

Should Senator Clinton tell her supporters to go the Obama way? I think she will definitely do so, as it’s the professional thing to do, and Mrs. Clinton is nothing if not professional. But I don’t think we should expect all 18 million of her followers to kowtow to the marching order. If Senator Obama wants her supporters, shouldn’t he be doing something to woo them? This election season has been one of love and courtship…and he is not courting them correctly. I don’t know how many times he had to send flowers to Mrs. Michelle Obama to get her to go on an ice-cream date…but I do know that it’s a strategy he should definitely be making use of. Sweeten the deal, make it less about you, Mr. Obama, and more about the voters who are disappointed that their love affair with a magnificent politician/woman ended so surprisingly. You might just get what you want: the highest office in the land, in which you will make as little difference as anybody else. (This girl’s rose-colored glasses are off for repair!)


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