Homerun Hillary

My God, if I didn’t know better, and if she had been the last Democrat standing, I think I would have actually voted for Senator Clinton. That lady rocked the rafters of the Convention Center, and if anybody has any criticism of that speech, I will be shocked. I know she did not retract her 3 am ad, but it’s ridiculous to demand that of her. Why on earth should a former candidate go back on her beliefs about herself, or her former opponent, just because she’s no longer in the running? Wouldn’t that be a very old politics thing to do, would it not be somewhat disingenuous? If she said it once tonight how proud she is to support Barack Obama, then frankly that would be one time for him and his campaign and supporters to be grateful for. But no, she said it several times. If there was any woman in the non-Muslim world whose grace, charisma, and dedication that I would want to emulate in my professional life, that woman would be Hillary Clinton. She inspired me, and although I voted for Kucinich in the primaries, I was choked up to see her go tonight. Bill Clinton, you chose an amazing woman, and I thank you for giving us her as a former First Lady to be proud of.


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One Response to Homerun Hillary

  1. MysticSaint says:

    i agree. that was one of the best speech she has every given! she really rocked tonight.

    i so enjoyed michelle’s speech last night as well. brought tears to eyes so many times.

    democratic convention this time is becoming a classic edition already.


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