A Rock Star with Class

You know what I like love about Bill Clinton? He is a rock star with class. Tonight, he delivered a ringing endorsement for Barack Obama that was more gracious and sincere than anybody on the losing side of any game should be expected to deliver. But, he is Bill Clinton, and he did what only he can do. Whenever I lose, I can only dream of losing with such class, such grace, and such magnanimity.

President Clinton had to plead (while clearly loving the adoration!) with the crowd to stop cheering for him, which had me amazed and made me laugh. And his speech moved me, and made me actually want to vote for Senator Obama. That is shocking, to say the least. The thing that made me think of the brighter Clinton years, and really made me yearn for those years, was when he said:

People the world over have always been more impressed by the power of our example than by the example of our power.

That is a line that should go down in the quotation books of the ages. I sincerely hope that a President Obama will help our nation lead by the power of example. Can Barack Obama give us a third Clintonian term, in terms of prosperity, peace, and security? That is a question that only time can answer. Go forth, Obamatrons, and get over the Clinton machine. The Clinton machine certainly did it’s job with a rousing one-two punch!

Bravo, President Clinton.


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2 Responses to A Rock Star with Class

  1. Ah, that standing ovation was priceless and well deserved. And dang, that line was hot. The Clinton machine rocks it over and over again. 🙂 These were the only two speeches I’ll remember from the convention.

  2. Digital Nomad says:

    😆 I listened to it again, and it sounds like he was saying “Ya’ll are taking up my time…” right around 2:00 😆 I don’t think we going to see much of that line in action with a VP Biden, given Biden’s Afghanistan/Pakistan references. Oh well. They can’t say Prez. Clinton didn’t try to give us hope. *shrug*

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