Can we spell dull?


That describes the Democratic National Convention perfectly.  And since when does the Presidential nominee come on stage before his big night?  Oh, I forgot, Obama is different.  The only speakers who made me want to vote for Obama from this convention were the Clintons, but it hurt hearing them praise Obama when we all really know that Hillary deserved the nomination.

I wonder how much more boring the Republicans will be.  Eeks.

Oh well.  The condition of the people cannot be changed until the change themselves, right?  Until then, all the talk of change is just more of the same.


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Just another girl who writes stuff, who thinks the world is screwed up, who believes things can change, who knows it most probably won't.
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3 Responses to Can we spell dull?

  1. Digital Nomad says:

    😆 I like this convention, it’s unique. It’s the first one where I keep saying, “Come on, person who is talking, hurry up and leave…we need to get through the next 10 boring ones after you!” rofl! Thank heaven for the Clintons and for Senator Biden’s mother. Without them, it would have been unbearable!

    And of course, Senator Obama came out there. This is new politics, ok?!

  2. Snowdrops says:

    I never understood politics.

    But… I just wanted you to know that I’m back to blogging and blogosphere. Well, sorta. 😀

  3. hfm says:

    I’m a Brit so this is all goobledegook for me.
    But my sister who’s politically interested [or something] thinks Obama is the man of the future for America.
    *shrugs* I don’t know.

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