I’ve arrived

Ok…all the posts from the old blog are here now. I don’t why, but I feel so nice with this URL. It’s a little less personal (I don’t really enjoy being known as the niqabi one), and a lot more, well, enigmatic. And it reflects how I feel about myself these past few months: nothing short of imperfect. This is much more me, and it’s a bit devoid of color and images right now, but I’ll fix that soon, inshaAllah.

Welcome to my new blog-home! 😀


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9 Responses to I’ve arrived

  1. Yippity yay, such niceness. 😀

  2. Digital Nomad says:

    Oooooh my baby sister arrived tooooo…do I even need anyone else? 😛 *wub*

  3. Digital Nomad says:

    (The correct answer was: Yes, you do 😛 ) rofl

  4. Ohh… Who do you need besides me? *sniff* 😛

  5. Digital Nomad says:

    If I tell you, I’ll have to kill ya…or maybe starve you in Ramadaan. I don’t think that would be appropriate, do you? 😛

  6. Eshev says:

    Happy house-warming 🙂 er, ..blogwarming? Anyways keep it up!

  7. Nisa says:

    Assalaamu ‘alaikum sis!

    Nice new blog mashaAllah – you and your sis are cute lol hope your ramadhan is full of blessings – please remember this humble one in your duas.

    Wassalaamu ‘alaikum


  8. Digital Nomad says:

    Eshev, blogwarming!!! that’s the word I was looking for 😀 Thank you, hon!

    Nisa, wa’AlaykumusSalaam! 😆 My lil sis keeps me smiling, alhamdulillah 😀 I pray for a blessed Ramadaan for you as well, and request the same from you, inshaAllah. *hugs*

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