What just happened?!

Soooo tonight was the night with the speech America was waiting on the edge of it’s collective seat for, with all of us (even me–booo me) waiting for at least a few substantive soundbites to pop out of Senator Obama’s speech. I had seen ABC News hyping the fact that today was the anniversary of Reverend King’s “I Have a Dream” speech, and I thought, “Wow, Sen. Obama is accepting the nomination on such a cosmically coincidental day, I’m sure it’ll be a speech that will fire me up with enthusiasm for him.” I also saw a clip on ABC with Charlie Gibson interviewing Michelle Obama, and in it they were saying to listen for the last paragraph of the speech, because it will be killer-good.

I listened. I even was listening for MLK references. I was listening for a gratification for MLK’s Dream coming to reality. I was listening, and I was trying to fall in love. I did fall in love with the part about 95% Americans getting a tax-cut. But, I could not fall in love with the overall tone. I didn’t feel my heart explode. I didn’t feel the ground shake. I can’t even remember anything he said, and it’s not like there was a whole of technical mumbo-jumbo. And I was relieved to hear that I was not the only one who was not wowed.

David Brooks was on PBS, and was underwhelmed. Tavis Smiley had on Drs. Cornell West (whose thoughts I love to hear) and Julianne Malveaux, and they were downright shocked. I thank them for either being as insanely out of touch as me, or for simply being let down by the terribly high expectations and telling it like it is.


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