Karadzic has a pal?

I am beyond flabbergasted, outraged, and insane with grief. Today, Radovan Karadzic reported to The Hague, that great bastion of international justice, and refused to enter a plea, either guilty or not guilty. So, the judge presiding over the case entered pleas of “not guilty” on all 11 counts that the (alleged) war criminal Karadzic is up on.  I understand that this might be standard operating procedure, perhaps, when a defendant refuses to enter a plea. Nonetheless, the “not guilty” plea entered on his behalf flabbergasted me, because Karadzic is not your average criminal. Couldn’t the judge have just written “refuses to cooperate?” OK, whatever.

So, I kept on reading the CNN article reporting on this, and this is what outraged me:

Then, in a friendly exchange, Karadzic asked the judge, “May I hold you to your word?”

“Which word?” Bonomy replied.

“That I am not guilty,” Karadzic said, smiling.

“We shall see in due course, Mr. Karadzic,” replied Bonomy, also smiling.

Smiling?! He is freaking smiling with a war criminal?! I can understand him just doing his job and entering “not guilty” but by smiling with the guy, like he is having a laugh with an old pal, it’s like dancing on the graves of the people Karadzic ordered massacred. Where is the humanity?! Has this world only just now lost it’s mind, or has it always been monstrously insane?! Or have people just become more blatant about displaying their stone-cold hearts?

Whatever the case, I am insane with grief, and I am not even Bosnian.


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7 Responses to Karadzic has a pal?

  1. What? Whaat? Like…no…way…

    May Allah make this man face every single Bosnian on the day of Qiyaamah, and may He grant them the justice they so deserve and let them enter Jannah smiling and enjoying eternal bliss. Ameen.

  2. rayyan says:

    Muslims around the world will forever be the CRIMINALS, in THEIR eyes, but in ALLAH TA’ALA’S eyes, we are the righteous ones!
    Ameen. Shaykh Talib’s Isha…..
    Our consolation lies in Surah MUTTAFFIFEEN.

  3. Digital Nomad says:

    DigiJ, Ameen, ya Rabb al ‘Alameen!

    rayyan, wa Alaykum Salaam. “in ALLAH TA’ALA’S eyes, we are the righteous ones!” InshaAllah. May Allah keep us on His Path, and may He protect us from indignity, from suffering, and from injustice, ameen.
    Good tip, jazakiAllah khair.

  4. rayyan says:

    Ameen Thumma Ameen.
    Just wondering…
    have you heard the song, ”Oh they have killed all the little ones” ?
    It was sung especially for the children of Kosova. You will cry, oh too sad…
    salam… peace

  5. Ajla says:

    That song by Yusuf Islam was sung for the children of Bosnia.

    What did you except, DN? This is how it is. How sad I and my family even are, how sad fellow Kosovars are for the Bosnians, we knew this would come. When he got caught, all my parents did was just give an hateful sob and look away. None of my parents are too enthusiastic to watch what happens to the guy, knowingly true justice cannot be given here by anyone. You know what happened with Milosevic? He spent most of his time in a beautiful home and just relaxed. That’s about it, this is how much these criminals will “suffer” in this dunya.

  6. Digital Nomad says:

    rayyan, Yes, I have heard that song…I have the CD which was produced by Yusuf Islam. Like Ajla said, it was for the children of Bosnia. The CD is called “I Have No Cannons That Roar,” but you may already have heard of it.

    Ajla, You’re right…I really should not have expected better. All I really expected was for the judge to PRETEND to not be so lovey-dovey with the (alleged) war criminal. It was criminal that Milosevic got to die without a conviction..I don’t blame your parents for not being able to stand this farce of a trial.

  7. Rayyan says:


    Oh ok, but in South Africa the CD was called, “The Letter”…
    Thankx to both of you.

    May you all have a blessed Ramadhan, oh it is just flying by……………..


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