Going, coming, going again, coming again…

I kinda gave up blogging, in case you didn’t already notice.  Nevermind, the only you may have not noticed is if you never came here, in which case, I don’t know why I’m talking to you, cuz…nevermind, it’s midnight, I aim to never make sense at this time of night. 😕

So yeah, I’m back.  And to be honest, the reason I quit was cuz I was feeling like only ranting, and I still do, cuz I get annoyed at times and this lil place is the perrrfect vent box. 😛  I might decide to spare you this time around for a while though.

Jumu’ah mubarak!  Have a great day.


About Thê Talkïng Pïnhêad

Just another girl who writes stuff, who thinks the world is screwed up, who believes things can change, who knows it most probably won't.
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5 Responses to Going, coming, going again, coming again…

  1. hfm says:

    rant away!
    This is YOUR space so go ahead.
    I like wandering on people’s blogs and jsut seeing what people have said..
    So you know I’ll be reading.

  2. The Ruler says:

    Mamsoooooo welcome back. This time, STAY. 🙂

  3. Hehehe, thanks hfm for your kind comments. 😀 And welcome to my blog. Hope you like it here. 😀

    I shall obey The Ruler to the best of my abilities. 😉

  4. Ajla says:

    YES, stay! Why the heck do you care if you rant TOO MUCH?? Ranting is GOOD, seriously, I wanna read about what bugs you or ticks you off, it makes the blood boil and you’ll WANT to read about it later on… After one has ranted, it kinda goes to being happier… Kind of. RANT!

    And staaaaay. ❤

  5. LOL. Ahhhh…you crack me up. 😀 Okay, you all shall get what you’ll ask for. 😉

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