I hate factoring

I’ve been forced into taking math and yes I put it off to my last year.  And funny that last weekend I was thinking, heh, it’s so cool that we haven’t done factoring.  And sure enough, Tuesday comes, I open my homework and imagine the shock: factoring!  I don’t even get the purpose of it, besides the most obvious reason to torture us. 🙄

I’m only nervous cuz exactly a week from now my stomach will be knots as I freak out about the exam I will have the next day.

On a brighter side, it is the best math class I’ve taken.  It’s online, which surprisingly enough is quite awesome.  I like how it’s sorta self-paced and sorta teacher involved.  It’s like just enough teacher involvement, without having to go to class and struggle to stay awake.  And I can’t slack off…which I do have the tendency of doing, sadly enough.  Man…I wish I were more focused. 😕


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5 Responses to I hate factoring

  1. Ajla says:

    I know exactly what you go through. But do not slack off!! Tell that yourself time and time again, DO NOT SLACK OFF!! Do not procrastinate either.. Worst thing a student can do, like seriously!

    To be honest, recently Maths has been goin’ so well for me, elhamdulillah and seems for you too, mashaAllah! It’s the happy-Mths-season. 😀 May it stay for long.

    Thing is, I looove factoring. And I can imagine you like the online-course, for you don’t really need your teacher involved SO much and I wish we had it aswell…

    You know what I simply seem to not always get? Geometry. I get it durin’ the theories but then usin’ it.. Arrrgh. I almost begged to get private lessons. Me, begging for more Maths! 😥 Where is the world goin’ to?

  2. Great…now anytime I slack off, I’ll have Ajla’s voice in my head tellin me off. 😥 😉

    Ohhh…I dread geometry. I couldn’t solve that stuff if my life depended on it. 😯 I quite love Algebra tho. Not true passionate love, but hey it’s lucky I even love it at all. 😛

  3. hfm says:

    Nooooo, you’ll be fine.
    Just concentrate on lessons and like above^ don’t slack off.
    The important way round this is to have a positive outlook on it.If you think it’s going to be hard, yeppp, you’re in for a tough ride.Buttt, don’t let your mind think like that, say: ‘People have done this before me’
    That used to be mantra when I was stuck in a puzzle, it’s not impossible, otherwise no one would be able to do it.

    I hope that helps.If it doesn’t, sorryyyy!

  4. The Ruler says:

    Oh I love factoring. It comes in handy when you move on to graphs and curves. And you have to solve quaratics. Or completing the square etc etc. 😀

  5. Hehe, I shall make you all proud inshaAllah. Me not gonna slack off. 🙂 Hehe, that actually is something I should use when I’m about to give up hfm! Thanks! 🙂

    Ruler, you’re a swot. *sigh*

    Actually, I’m kinda warming up to this factoring business. Quite fun stuff once you understand it! 🙂

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