When I’m bored and not in the mood for depressing news, I poke my head through Arab News, cuz chances are they’ll have something to make me amused.  And sure enough…

MADINAH: In some cases those with lost vision can make people with full eyesight blush. Nineteen-year-old bubbly Saudi boy Tariq Hammad is one of them. Hammad lost his eyesight before he was two. But he refused to take that as a handicap. He can accomplish feats better than most of his friends would do using all their five senses. With a ring sound he would recognize the company that manufactured a mobile and its number. Another of his feats is his ability to convert a Hijri date into the Gregorian one and vice versa in a split-second. Not only has he memorized the text of entire Holy Qur’an, but he can also tell you the number of a given verse and the name of its chapter. He can also imitate the recitation style of all the imams at the two Holy Mosques. And Hammad has a dream too — he wishes to become an imam at the Prophet’s Mosque, according to a local daily.
[Arab News]

19 years old, and already a well spent life mashaAllah.  I wanna hear his recitation!  And I definitely want to hear him in the Haram some day soon. 🙂 May Allah protect him and make his dreams a reality!  Ameen!


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2 Responses to Taariq

  1. Rayyan says:

    Allahu Akbar !

    I am beyond myself, really… just ran out of words…

    all I want to say is AMEEN THUMMA AMEEN to his wishes.

    Jazakallah sis for sharing this, with us all.

  2. Wa iyyaki. I know! It’s truly amazing mashaAllah. 🙂

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