It has hardly rained at all these past couple years, and being a person who loves rain, I totally miss it. Last night was taunting.  It rained for a minute, literally!  Out of nowhere, it was like faucet opened up at full blast, and then it disappeared just as fast as it came.  It was like…did I imagine that? ? This morning it rained some more though, and it felt sooo good.  It smells great outside, all fresh and earthy. ) I was thinking how much harder it is in places like Saudi Arabia where they harsh droughts and really need rain.  😦

May Allah bless us with rain that is beneficial for us and protect us from rains that cause damage.  Ameen!


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4 Responses to Rain!

  1. MM says:


    we got lots of rain this summer….and it snowed in october!!

  2. Wow… It rains in the summer there? Was it hot? The one time I don’t like rain is in the heat…it’s all humid and sticky… But snow, ah, thats looveely.

  3. MM says:

    yea it was pretty hot…however i wasnt in T.O. i was at UK….i heard it was the rainy-est summer ever in toronto…

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