On the Brink of History

Today was such a beautiful day, that we were compelled to go out to vote. Well, we had decided that there were too many important issues at stake to stay home, so even if it had been hailing ice cubes, we would have ventured forth. Living in a relatively conservative part of California, there was hardly any waiting around. We just went in, did our thing, and came back out. They didn’t give us our “I Voted!” stickers…must be the rotten economy causing them to be so stingy 😛 lol.

I debated long and hard with myself over voting for Barack Obama, if for no other reason but that the economy seems to thrive when a Democrat is in office. In the end, I couldn’t get over his FISA vote. I think, however, that if I were in a battleground state like Ohio, I probably would have voted for him. The clear choice, with the issues I care about, turned out to be Cynthia McKinney…so that’s who I voted for. The old folks, though, were more pragmatic and went for Senator Obama, and I am happy they did.

Now, here we are…after a long and eventful 2 years, waiting to see who the winner will be. Two years of campaigning are being decided in a handful of hours. Last night, I thoroughly enjoyed (re)watching the SNL skits of the past year. And now, I’m refreshing about a million times the news web sites that are delivering every minute iota of election results, and seeing that Senator Obama just might seize Pennsylvania.

May the best man win, and may he do what is best for America and the world.


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