Hello, Mr. President!

This is my favorite picture of Election night ’08. The coordination of colors, keeping it all black and red, was beautiful, and the impact of seeing a First Family that is “different” from everything we’ve ever been represented by…well, that just made me smile.

I did not vote for Barack Obama, largely because I live in a state where a third-party candidate could use my vote more than Mr. Obama could…but it was difficult to not vote for him. I hope that his legacy is filled with progress, and that I might be thoroughly convinced to vote for him come 2012, regardless of my propensity to vote third-party.

May Allah bless this country for taking a surprising step forward, and may He steer us to a better future. Ameen!


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  1. Ameeeen!

    I like Sasha’s smile. It’s very cute. 🙂

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