Hunting at Wal-mart

OK…so now you know I shop at Wal-Mart and am basically really really really cheap. Sorry, but their prices are good for my wallet, and them being on every other corner of American roads makes them easy on my gasoline bill. And the Chinese really don’t want us to stop purchasing their products, even if they are being half abused to death. Now, onto the real purpose of this post…which is basically just another “Life as a niqabi” post that is kind of cliched by now!

There was this lady who was all, “Hey, hey…” to us while we were leaving the earring aisle…it’s always drama for us at the earring aisle, btw. So, we turned around to see if maybe we dropped something or whatever, meaning we lost the ability to claim “No speak English” to a potential harrasser…and the tragic thing was, she turned out to be a harrasser! Argh!!! She was an Egyptian woman, who proceeded to insist that Islam makes women “half of men, into nothing, very low”–indicating to the floor with her fingers. Then came the whole spiel of, “Why do you dress like that, though? You like it, you say? That’s not a reason!” So I asked her why she dresses in her particular style, and she was on the brink of saying “Because I like it it!!!” but then caught herself and instead said, “Because it’s…normal!” Oh. Ok.

Eventually, when she was losing her crusade to convert us, she said something about how Muslims are all confused, there are Shia and Sunni, and nobody can agree on who was the correct khalif and how that is evidence that Islam is a made-up religion. Hmmmmm. I asked her, “So, what about Christians who don’t believe Jesus is the son of God…is that because Christianity is one big lie?” She spent two minutes trying to tell me that all Christians believe that Jesus is the son of God, none believe otherwise. I had to tell her that I have Christian friends who believe otherwise…and she was crestfallen; she said (lowering her voice in case there were any of those Christians around), “Those are bad Christians!” We had enough when she went back to trying to fabricate hadith. So we just said, “Good-bye” and left.

I mean, really. Converting us in Wal-Mart? I am shopping for new earrings, lady, not a new religion. (I feel certain I’ve said that before, somewhere else on this blog.)

So, this reminded us of a video by a Muslim comedian, describing shopping at Wal-Mart with his nephew Osama, where he says, “Do you know how many people hunt at Wal-Mart?!” Take a look 😀 It’s a lot funnier than my story was 🙂

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  1. Hehehehee…ah. Poor lady.

    That video never gets old. 🙂

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