Are people friendlier?

It seems like people are friendlier post-election (Wal-Mart shopper notwithstanding). Every time we go somewhere, whether it’s the library, shopping, wherever, people actually smile and try to make conversation. I’m the last to think that we’ve achieved post-racial nirvana, but it seems like people are a lot calmer. It’s almost like being in the old America again.

What is responsible for this sudden (and welcome) change? Is it the idea that maybe we’ll be having less of an emphasis on war? Is it because the economy sucks so bad, and people realize that it’s own internal problems that have everything to do with the sorry state of financial affairs? Is it going to last long, this almost utopian joie de vivre? Here’s to hoping so:

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  1. Yeah I suppose people are calmer. *thinks* Hmm…yeah. 🙂

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