Happy Friday!

I know it became really confusing for people to find this blog (not that it’s vital to anybody’s existence) when I decided to take a hike to a different location. Honestly, I get this inexplicable urge to move when I am feeling restless, and the easiest move is a blog-move. It’s not like I can pack a suitcase and head off to Istanbul or someplace nice and distracting at the drop of a hat, after all. So, I do the next best thing…I move blogs. Thanks, all, for being patient with my madness.

Also, it didn’t help that I had nothing to say. Figured a blog move would stir the juices, but it turned out that didn’t help. I’m probably going to be talking about things that have no relevance to anybody, as I happen to be more politically inclined lately…but at least I’ll be talking (or rambling). I’ve found that writing posts privately these past couple of months was more freeing than anything else…so, I’ll just pretend that I’m private and completely ignore the fact that even just a few people are reading.

And a special shout out to the fellow bloggers who wrote to me, asking what on earth happened: jazakiAllah khair noora, Umm Ibrahim (Stranger in this Dunya), and Simply Muslim. You girls really touched my heart…may Allah bless you for your kindness and concern, ameen. I love you all like sisters. Alhamdulillah.

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