Clintons make for good reading


The political world has been abuzz the past couple of weeks with Clinton Mania…that syndrome where you have to pick at someone, rather than focus on the sorry state of affairs facing President-elect Obama, and who better to chip away at than a Clinton? The possibilities for a soap opera-style drama of love, hate and craziness, not to mention subterfuge, suspicion, and scorn are endless with the Clintons. Now, with the prospect of Senator Clinton becoming Secretary of State (the American equivalent of Foreign Minister), there comes a distinct promise of many drama-laden years ahead.

So, in the interest of consuming as much Clinton as humanly possible, while at the same time not paying attention to the obsessive rumor-mill working overtime right now (Clinton sneakily finagled the job offer; Obama offered it to her to get her out of the Senate where she can *gasp* damage him; Bill Clinton will do everything in his power to sabotage Senator Clinton (or is that he’ll be sabotaging Obama?)…these are just a few of the psycho-dramas playing out in political blog-land), I decided to try and read Bill Clinton’s autobiography, My Life. I say “try” because it’s one hefty tome, coming in at 950-odd pages and almost 3.5 pounds 😆 . He starts off with the most minute of details from his childhood (how does he remember all that?!), and as desperately as I want to get into the part where he talks about his presidential campaigns and years in the White House, I can’t bring myself to skip ahead. To make matters worse, there was a new book in the library called Clinton in Exile: A President out of the White House which I could not resist checking out. That book makes for interesting reading, and well, it’s a good thing I picked up the autobiography for only a dollar at the library’s Used Book Store…I can take my time with it!

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