Why is this man not fired by now?!

You may or may not have read about Jon Favreau. Until the “young man’s” latest foray into the world of Facebook picture publishing, I didn’t know anything about him, either. Mr. Favreau is President-Elect Obama’s Chief Speechwriter. He apparently likes to have a good time, and when the good times start, apparently he can’t distinguish between classy fun and sexist fun. So, there he was at a party, dancing with a life-sized cut-out of Hillary Clinton (our favorite witch!), copping a feel, while his friend offered “her” a beer. I find it really interesting (and quite peculiar) that in this very same picture, Mr. Favreau’s friend’s face is blurred…by all means, let’s preserve the dignity of a man (oh sorry, boy) who has no respect for the dignity of a woman old enough to be his mother, not to mention a woman who is going to be representing our nation globally as Secretary of State.

What I want to know is this: When is Mr. Obama going to fire this man? If anyone floats the idea of “well, you know, boys will be boys,” I swear that I will scream, loud enough to reverberate across the blogosphere. If the dude is still a boy, then he is not fit for a Cheif Speechwriter of the White House kind of job. Seriously! And Mr. Obama, keeping this man on as the man who writes for you, who puts words into your mouth and gets paid amply by the American public for doing so, just says to your wife, daughters, sister and neices that it’s no big deal to be a victim of sexual degradation. That would be a rotten message to be sending, Mr. President-Elect, and it’s not the change you were voted to bring.

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7 Responses to Why is this man not fired by now?!

  1. Colin Lenton says:

    speechwriters are generally creative, and humorous people. To you this photo is sexist, to others it isn’t. You probably would not have been invited to this party.

    Its a personal photo, on his own time. If he’s not fired, its because he’s a good employee that everyone genuinely enjoys being around.

  2. I’m sure he is a brilliant employee, hence being a Chief Speechwriter; it’s just rather unfortunate that he’s got a rather cliched and misogynistic sense of humor, and at the same time is the one largely responsible for crafting the speech of our future President.

    And you’re certainly correct: if I’d had the misfortune to be invited to this party, I would have happily turned it down. As would have Mrs. Clinton’s cut-out 😉

    Thank you for your visit, even if your POV is disagreeable to me 🙂

  3. M Sakel says:

    Why hasn’t this misogynist frat-boy been fired? It was Obama, ironically, who was quick to send off an angry letter to NBC demanding they “fire Don Imus immediately, as I would do with any of my employees who would do this sort of thing”. Well, Mr. Obama, it’s NOT okay to be racist. We know and applaud that we’ve come a long way, baby, in that case. But when it comes to pure woman-hatred (misogyny, not sexism which is outdated ideas) and humiliating and diminishing women….well, Mr. Prezident, sir, it’s OK and more than fine and you want to give him a fat salary at taxpayers (half women) money as Director of Speechwriters.

    Now I propose we do a cutout of a Monkey-suited Obama under a banana tree, peeling gingerly, while Carolyne Kennedy is ready to pull the hood over his eyes and holding the edge of a menacing rope just an inch away from the monkey-Obama’s neck! Funny, ha!!!!No? Why? Is it verbotten to have some good old fashioned racist pure fun, but still okay to practice some good old fashioned misogyny at the expense of our daughters, mothers, sisters? Grow up, Jon and Obama. Neither of you deserve your salaries! GROW UP, JON. GROW UP, BARACK baby — enough to fire this jerk and issue an apology.

    • M, I’m also surprised nothing has been done yet about Mr. Favreau’s employment situation, nor have I seen any statement about the incident from President-elect Obama. Oh well. We’ve got four years to see improvement, and I’d like to think I’m being nitpicky, but I’m not so sure.

  4. Anonymous says:

    I imagine you must have realized by now -rational, considerate thinker that you are- that Favreau’s face is the only one NOT obscured in that picture.

  5. And I’m sure you’ve realized by now–rational, considerate, and observant reader that you are–that I said:

    Mr. Favreau’s friend’s face is blurred…

    which is to say: You can know a man by the company he keeps. Or so the saying goes.
    Cheers. 😉

  6. D says:

    M Sakel,
    Either you’re really not that bright, or you’re pretending to be an idiot for shock value. Grabbing a breast is something that friends do to each other while playing or partying, often with some exaggerated affection involved. It can be thought of as tasteless, and should likely never be done without implicit understanding between friends, just as you wouldn’t bump the fanny of a male or female friend unless you were sure it would be understood as an affectionate joke. Do you understand what lynching is? Do you understand the context under which it, and monkey suits, and hoods would always be used? Think through your misconceptions before you share your poorly thought out rants.

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