How would I greet the angels of death?

The story of Sayyidina Salman Farsi radiAllaahu anh is fascinating, but I’d never heard of the story of his death:

Ash-Sh’abi report from Sayyidina Jazl radiAllaahu anh like this that Sayyidina Salman Farsi’s wife Buqairah radiAllaahu anhuma says that when Hazrat Salman Farsi’s death took place, he was in the upper story of his house, which had four doors. He siad: “Oh, Buqairah! Open all these doors because too many visitors will call upon me. I don’t know through which door they will come to me.” Then he sent for his musk and said: “Put it in a pot and dissolve it in water.” She says, “I did accordingly.” Then he said: “Sprinkle it around my bed and get down from the upper story for a short while. Shortly you will come to know and then look at my bed.” After some time, when she went up, his soul had been seized and it looked as if he was sleeping on his bed as he used to sleep formerly.

SubhanAllah…he had the foresight to want to greet the angels of death with a sweet smell and open doors. Who of us is will be so ready for the angels of death when our time arrives?

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2 Responses to How would I greet the angels of death?

  1. Nisa says:

    Assalaamu ‘alaikum dear sis

    SubhanAllah, a beautiful reminder….just a small point, the last line the word ben is written instead of bed…

    JazakAllah khair for the wonderful sahaba posts – look forward to reading more inshaAllah!


    • Wa’alaykumusSalaam, sis Nisa, and JazakiAllah khair for catching that…that’s why I get for typing in a hurry so that I don’t miss a day 😆 *hugs*

      I’m glad you’re enjoying reading them as much as I enjoy doing them 🙂

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