The thing that missed you…

This anecdote reminded me of a comment someone once left (just about a year ago), asking for the hadith that spoke of whatever arrow was meant to hit you wouldn’t miss you and vice versa…well, turns out the essence of that hadith is included in this story. (I have yet to find that exact hadith.)

Sayyidina Waleed bin ‘Obadah radiAllaahu anh says: “I went to Sayyidina ‘Obadah radiAllaahu anh. He was [ill]. When the thought of this death overcame me, I said to him: ‘Make a will to me and try for me.’ Hazrat ‘Obadah radiAllaahu anh said: ‘Help me sit.’ When the people seated him, he said: ‘My son! You cannot taste the relish of faith and cannot dischard the right of reaching the reality of the knowledge of Allah as long as you do not believe in the good and evil of fate.’ I said: ‘O my father! How can I know what is the good and evil of fate?’ He said:Believe it (firmly) that the thing that missed you was to reach you and the thing that you received was to miss you. O my son! I have heard it from the Holy Messenger sallallaahu alayhi wa sallam that he used to say: “The first thing Allah created is the Pen. Then He ordered it: Write! Accordingly, it started penning immediately every such thing as was to be till the day of Judgement.” O my son! If you died and did not have this belief, then you would enter Hell.’

Considering that the first thing Allah created is said to be the pen, it’s unimagineable how important our various writing instruments (keyboards, touchpads and cameras included) are. It’s also so important to use our pens for good, and also so difficult to avoid writing things that are of little benefit to one’s own self.


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