The destinies of all works…

Sayyidina Abdullah ib Mas’ud radiAllaahu anh said that Sayyidina ‘Umar ib Khattab radiAllaahu anh often delivered the Khutbah and would say from the pulpit the following Arabic couplets:

حفض عليك فان الا مور. بكف الالد مقا ديرها

فليس يا تيك منهيها. ولا تا صرعنك مامورها

Be easy to yourself for the destinies of all works are in the Hands of Allah.
That which Allah hath prevented cannot come to you and that He hath ordered cannot fail to come to you.


This post relates closely to the previous one. Perhaps the Arabic speakers among us can tell me if the Arabic is written correctly (i.e. no skipped letters, etc.), inshaAllah.


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3 Responses to The destinies of all works…

  1. noora says:

    I needed to read this post..
    it comforts my struggling heart..

    Although we know that destiny is in the hands of Allah, we fail to see that when we are in the midst of trouble.. so jazaki Allah khairan for the reminder

    on another note, the arabic part of it seemed to be jumbled up or missing letters or missing space, not quite sure. There are several words that I was unable to read 😉

  2. subhanAllah!
    if only we did think along these lines…

    jazakAllah for sharing sis 🙂

  3. noora, It’s most difficult to remember this in the middle of trouble, and easiest to remember it when things are going well. On the other note, I was getting the feeling I didn’t copy it quite right…I’ll attach an image of it and see if that’s any better 😆 It’s entirely likely the publishers messed up with it too…I must say, I had noooo problem reading it…ignorance really is bliss 😳

    [[[ x Smiley x ]]], you’re welcome, hun! I’ve been trying for years to think along these lines, and well…I won’t tell you how little distance I’ve covered 😕

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