Facebook, say Hi to Politics

There was an interesting piece from the LA Times today called “Barack Obama has added you as a friend on Facebook.”  The most interesting bit was this following little snippet, from what  I’m guessing might be Prez-Elect’s Wall Listing:

December 5
– ♥ Barack is now listed as “in a relationship” with The U.S. Auto Industry.
Barack is totally not friends with Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich.
Rahm Emanuel: Me #&% neither!

December 10
– Barack is reiterating how much he’s not friends with Rod Blagojevich.
Hillary Clinton: Ditto.
Timothy Geithner: Ditto.
Lawrence Summers: Ditto.

– Barack, Rahm Emanuel, Hillary Clinton, Timothy Geithner, Janet Napolitano, James Jones, Bill Richardson, Lawrence Summers, Joe Biden, Bill Clinton and The U.S. Auto Industry joined the Facebook group We’re Not Friends With Rod Blagojevich.
– Rahm Emanuel was tagged in a photo album Rod And Rahm Just Chillin’ by Rod Blagojevich — 128 photos.

Hmmmmm. 128 photos of chilling with a man you’re not friends with…as the kids would say: LOL!  I guess the same would go for everybody else in that little list of names. Not so much LOL anymore.

I guess the seminal lesson of all of this would be: be careful what you put on Facebook (like you didn’t already know that)…and when public figures choose to use such a medium, it really can aid in achieving an incredibly transparent society, where all associations are accounted for. I never would have thought such associations would have willingly been made public, but here we are. Facebook, meet Politics!


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