Coz every girl likes a gem…

In January, Jordan’s King Abdullah II gave Rice an emerald and diamond necklace, ring, bracelet and earrings estimated to be worth $147,000, according to the State Department’s annual inventory of such items released Monday just in time for Christmas.

The king and his wife, Queen Rania, also gave Rice a less expensive necklace and earrings along with a jewelry box valued at $4,630, the document shows.

Not to be outdone, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia presented Rice with a ruby and diamond necklace with matching earrings, bracelet and ring worth $165,000 in July. The inventory also includes a $170,000 flower petal motif necklace the Saudi monarch gave to Rice in 2005, which the department says was not previously disclosed.

I can almost understand a wealthy country giving gifts like these…but  a country like Jordan, that has no oil wells of its own to depend on? It’s quite weird, even though it’s nothing new. Interesting that the 2005 jewelry was not disclosed until recently, although that’s probably standard operating procedure as well. I wonder, though, how do people of the poorer nations of the world feel to hear of money that they badly need being spent on already-wealthy nations? Do the leaders of those countries ever wonder this? Or are they just feeling really smug thinking that their citizens won’t find out, so it’s just not a big deal anyway?

I was looking for pictures of these pieces of jewelry and couldn’t find any. Darn it. I’d like some ideas of what to expect demand from my future husband. (I kid…relax.)


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  1. Ohh, suuure you kid… 😉

    • You’ve inadvertently given me proof you read it to the very last word….awwwwwwwwwwwwww *wub*

      And, come on…of course I kid…only the Queen of England can wear stuff that is so huge and expensive. I’m into wearable jewelry. That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it!

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