Finding Friends

So yesterday I was hopping around Facebook.  I suppose I was rather bored.  I decided to check again if anybody I knew in real life was on there.  And…I found a professor.  Not to mention, twas a professor I don’t particularly like.  Then I notice some of my friends have like over 300 pics of themselves and their other friends.  I swear, I was like, um, you realize like a lot of these look very similar?  And when I see 300 pictures of people smiling when I know they’ve got issues in their life, it really makes me realize what a fake life we all lead.  Yeah, so now after seeing my friends pictures, I soo wish I could have that professor on my list, just to see how many pictures she has and how vain her profile is.  Mean, I know, so don’t diss on me.  Not like I’d add her anyway. 🙂


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Just another girl who writes stuff, who thinks the world is screwed up, who believes things can change, who knows it most probably won't.
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3 Responses to Finding Friends

  1. Oh, go on…add her…I have a feeling I know who it is 😛

    And people have to put a happy face on their lives; if people knew how in-the-dumps they really are, would anyone actually do anything to help? Or would they just drag the miserable souls down even more? I’m betting on the latter.

  2. Edit that time stamp…you’ve got Daylight Savings Time still on! No fair!

  3. Lol. Never. Besides, I think I’ll be the first non-white on her list, would feel rather awkward.

    Yeah, I know. <_< Actually, it’s more the 300 pics that got to me rather than the smiling. 🙂

    And no, just go to sleep earlier. 😛

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