Out with the old, in with the new

pc136771copyIf you’re like me and have a computer that seems to hesitate every time you (try to) bully it around, then you have either adopted the patience of a saint, or you are routinely given to bouts of frustrating hysteria complete with fist-pounding screams that cause your family to look at you in alarm and consider getting you a room in a mental hospital. Guess which category I fall into? Yeah, I am no saint. The best thing for me would be get a new laptop, but not only am I insane, I am also reluctant to part with an excessive amount of cash. In this economy, you might be inclined to save your cash too, so what to do when you are plagued by the torture that is a slow computer?

The madness of a PC that takes 10 years to dredge up PhotoShop had to come to an end. And it gloriously did, when I decided to get more RAM for my laptop. What is RAM, you ask? RAM, in simplest terms (it not most accurate terms), is that thing that helps your computer retrieve data quickly…the more RAM you have, generally the better off you will be. A hyped-up processor on crack really helps too, but since that’s a little more difficult to replace in a laptop, I went for the RAM upgrade. RAM is easy to pop out and replace, so anyone who can follow simple directions can do it. I did, so trust me when I say that you can too. I had a puny 512 megabytes of RAM before (my laptop is over 5 years old!) and I am allowed a maximum capacity of 1 GB…so here I am, with my shiny new 1 GB of RAM and I is a happy woman! Happy, I tell you! And insane no longer!

If you wish to jazz up your RAM, turn to Kingston*  or Crucial*, look up your model and make of PC to find what your maximum RAM capacity is, pick out what the memory you need, and speed things up already! Unless you are sitting there smirking, about to tell me that you have 2 or 3 GB RAM. In which case, slow down so I catch up!

*Not paid for by either Kingston or Crucial. Please feel free to turn to the manufacturer of your choice. This blogger will not be responsible for anything you do with the free time you have on your hands after the RAM upgrade.


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2 Responses to Out with the old, in with the new

  1. biscuitinabasket says:

    Hey salaams!

    The first time that I tried to replace RAM on my laptop, I was over terrified. I was certain that nothing short of an explosion would take place! Ignorance is bliss ha?:D

  2. Oh yeah, ignorance sure is bliss…but courage is heavenly 😉

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