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Seven things to avoid [18.365]

After reading the previous Hadith, I got to wondering if I could list the seven things to avoid, and of course, I could not. So here is the hadith with the things to avoid… Narrated Al-Bara’ bin ‘Azib: Allah’s Apostle … Continue reading

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A Study in Contrasts

The LA Times has a front page story about the differences between Gaza and Israel. They portray the differences in death tolls. They portray the differences in infrastructure in place to handle the casualties. They also portray the people stuck … Continue reading

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The Man and a Pretty Woman

My mother had told my siblings and I this story quite a while ago, and reading it again with the laysal ghareeb background made it a lot more eery.  May Allah safeguard us and make us steadfast.  Ameen! Wonder of … Continue reading

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