Hello 2009, nice to meet you too. :)


New Years Eve in Taiwan

Tis a new year, new memories to be made, new adventures to get up to…oh wait, never mind scratch that, given that I’m not the most adventurous kid out there.  lol.  Somehow though, I don’t feel the hype over the new year.  I hardly ever do, except maybe 2000, mainly because of the whole Y2k theory and alas all ended well anyway.  I know I sound a tad disappointed that all ended well, but I assure you I was and am happy.   Anyways I tend to like looking back more than thinking too much about the future, unless I’m spontaneously day dreaming in the middle of a boring class lecture, and that’s really at times just to stay awake. ;) Hehee, but I’m happy I turn 21 though this year, so that’s cool.  It just occurred to me, I like odd numbers.

I was gonna post highlights from the past year, but to be honest, I don’t remember much sadly.  And what I do remember I can’t really be bothered to mention.  So you’re in luck!  I’m really happy for all the good news I heard from those I know and love this year though, and may the coming year be an equally happy, if not happier year in their lives as well, and may things look up for those who experienced hardships!

I wanted to watch the crystal ball drop in Times Square, for no other reason except that the Clintons were the ones doing it and I caught a glimpse of the ball being quite pretty.  So I tuned in on time…and all I see first is Hillary grinning, then they show the countdown and nothing about the ball.  Um.  Okay then!

I just saw this picture, on the topic of Dubai canceling their New Years Eve party.  I wonder what a bubble the Emirati royalty were living in.  Not that I’m dissing the bubble part, after all I live in a bubble too, and it’s just swell in here. Sweet of them I suppose to cancel it, but people are always suffering in the world, so isn’t it just a bit uncaring, thus that alone making very unMuslim to have it anyway any year?  Or maybe I’m just coming off as Wahabbi and tryna making everything a bid’ah.  That could be! But I’m sure plenty of people there are disappointed to have had their party plans ruined.  I mean seriously, how sad it must be for some who bought those (not so) funky 2009 glasses, and now they just have to sit in their homes with maybe a few friends to wear it with.  Oh well.  They’ll survive, I hope.


Fireworks Cancelled in Dubai

Ah, yikes, I sounded too cynical!  On a happier note, ain’t that such a cool qaff sign, I love the Arabic.  Woohoo.  And a happy year to you all who may read this! ) And I may have a 365 theme blog post which I’m contemplating on being similar to my sister but from a different kitaab for this year, or maybe just photography, so stay tooned!  Or fall asleep, cuz I may just make this blog dead again.  Heh.


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  1. I thought those glasses were for New York only…clearly, I’m out of the loop. And you’re a Wahhaabi?! One of those fundamentalist kinds? For shame. You never know who you’re living with 😥

    Don’t you dare make this dead, bubblelicious. Go 365 😉

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