Watching for the light


I’ve never seen the New Year’s Eve Ball Drop from Times Square before, but decided to give it a go this time. Why, you may inquire? Well, because I read and heard that Hillary Clinton was going to be there. Yes, the political connection is what sealed the deal for me. Sue me.

I’d never seen the ball drop before; in fact, I’ve never paid any attention to “ringing in the new year” before…except for the year when the Berlin Wall came down, and I was so excited about that, that somehow saying good-bye to that year was sad, but welcoming the next year felt like things in this world could only get better. What can I say, I was younger and dumber. I was so sick that New Year’s eve, I was purple. In fact, I was pretty all shades of the Times Square Ball. Quite freaky, I tell ya. So basically, I paid attention to the New Year that year solely for the political connection. And yes, I do see how odd it is that my radar was politically connected even way back then.

Now, here I am watching for this ball to drop, and not knowing what to expect, I completely missed it. I saw Mr. and Mrs. Clinton shivering in the cold, and loving it (or pretending to). I saw the countdown. I saw the ball. But I did not see the ball drop anywhere. Was I annoyed beyond belief? You betcha. (There’s a political throwback to 2008’s Season of the Palin.)

Well, I decided my watching this “event” could not have been in vain. I decided to check around to see if the ball really does drop, or is that just a term they use? Perhaps they just mean that the ball lights up, and somehow, because everyone might all be so inebriated, they think the ball is going somewhere? Apparently, the ball really does drop. Where does it go? Down a pole. It slowly sinks down a long pole. Does it go all the way to the ground? No. It starts in mid-air and basically stops in mid-air. How do I know this? I looked for a video of it all on YouTube so that I could look more carefully for the oh-so-elusive New Year Ball. I’d link to the video, but some might find some of the images in the video off-putting, so if you really want to see it, look it up yourself. As for myself, I was underwhelmed by it all. I guess it’s one of those things for which you actually have to be there.

Then I got to thinking. Some people bring in new beginnings by cheering madly, watching for a ball lit with 62 million shades of color to descend a few meters. Others of us bring in new beginnings by watching for a crescent to light up the sky, and arguing madly over who saw it and who didn’t, who really saw it and where and how, etc. ad nauseam. Either way, we’re all looking up, watching for the light.

Here’s to a blessed 1430. Here’s to a happy 2009.


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  1. Ohh maaan! I never laughed so hard on a blog post before…or maybe I did and I’m momentarily forgetting it. But either way, LOL! 😀 Just the thing about you being all shades of the times square crystal ball is um a funny thought, cruel as that sounds. 😕

    And I like the graphic there. Niiiceness. 😉

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