Three Categories of Arabs [002|365]

As I was reading through today, I found out about early Arabs, pre Islam and even before Ibraheem (Alayhi Salaam).  It’s interesting to learn about things from that far back…  According to historians, the progeny of Shem ibn Nuuh (Alayhi Salaam) inhabinated the land of Arabia and most of historians divided the progeny into three categories namely Arab Ba’idah, Arab Musta’ribah, Arab ‘Aribah.  Arab Ba’idah refers to those who were the earliest inhabitants and have perished leaving behind no trace and the ‘Aad and Thamud amongst others were part of this category.  Regarding the latter two, ‘Aribah are the descendents of Qahtaan and Musta’ribah are the descendents of Isma’eel, (Alayhi Salaam) and are still found in Arabia.

They (‘Arab Musta’ribah) came to Arabia from the outside, therefor they are called ‘Arab Musta’ribah, or the mixed Arabs.  Ibrahim’s (Alayhi Salaam) mother was ‘Ajami or Persian.  When Ibrahim (Alayhi Salaam) left Ismail (Alayhi Salaam) in Makkah along with his mother Hajira, they learned Arabic from the Qahtani tribe Jurhum, which was already settled in Makkah, and later Arabi became the mother tongue of the progeny of Ismail (Alayhi Salaam).  Ismail’s (Alayhi Salaam) mother passed away when he was one 15 years.  After the demise of his mother, Ismail (Alayhi Salaam) made up his mind to leave Makkah and to settle in Syria.  But the people of the Jurhum tribe in unison requested him to change his mind.  He was then married to Amarah bint Saeed bin Usamah belonging to the Amaliqah family.  After a short time, Ibrahim (Alayhi Salaam) came and Ismail (Alayhi Salaam) divorced his wife according to the instructions of his father, and then married Syedah bint Mudad bint ‘Amr of the Jurhum tribe.

I don’t think I recall knowing that Ismaeel’s (Alayhi Salaam) mother passed away when he was only 15.  It just hit me though, that many of the anbiya (Alayhi Salaam) lost their parents while they were still young.  I can’t imagine my life without my parents, and it scares me whenever I think about.  I’ve been so spoiled and take them for granted, while we all know how patient and caring the anbiya (Alayhi Salaam) were with their parents, even when their parents refused to accept the true message as in the case of Ibraheem (Alayhi Salaam). 😥


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