Shirk by the Ka'bah [003|365]

Idolatry was openly practiced all over Arabia.  Four hundred years before the advent of Muhammad (Salallahu Alayhi Wasallam) in the era of King Shapur of Persia, ‘Amr bin Luhai bin Harithah bin Imra’-ul-Qais, the King of Hijaaz was the first to install the idol named Hubal at the top of the Ka’bah and placed two idols Isaf and Nailah as the well of Zamzam and persuaded the people to worship them.  The ‘Amr bin Luhai totally rejected the concept of the Day of Judgment.

We happened to have just been watching a program on India last night, and they had showed a place where there were some Hindu gods lined up.  Not the prettiest sight I’ve seen.  It makes me wonder how less pleasant it must have been to witness hundreds of idols around the Ka’bah..

Although, thinking about shirk, it reminds me of how some ulama say we should not give money to the beggers in the Masjid al Haram, because they should be begging of Allah and not His creation.  They go further to say that what they are doing is shirk, and it makes me realize how easily one can fall into this evil trap.  Scary.


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