Womens rights… [004|365]

The custom of killing their daughters was rampant among the Banu Tamim and the Quraysh.  They took pride in killing their daughters and it was for them a status symbol.  Their heartlessness reached such a height in some tribes when the daughter became five or six years old and started uttering sweet words, the stone hearted father would take her in beautiful garments to a place outside his settlement where he had already dug a deep ditch.  He would then make his daughter stand beside the ditch and then push her into the ditch stoning her to death while she called for her father’s help.  No screaming and crying could melt his heart and he would return after filling the ditch.  Qais ibn Asim, a man from the Banu Tamim, buried his ten daughters alive in this manner.  Although no tribe of Arabia was free from this inhumane custom, some tribes did it more than others.

It’s amazing how today some shun aside the Quran and Sunnah as something that was just for the 7th century and needs to be “modified” for current times.  Yet the abuse of females has yet to cease.  Girls are still looked at as a burden culturally.  Shouldn’t that just be stuck for the 7th century too?  And start treating females like the humans that they are?  Ah but no, of course the blind will associate stuff like FGM and honor killings with Islam, no matter how much proof they’re given that Islam has nothing to do with the more primitive cultural practices.  Meh.


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