Tahullum vs. Hilm

“To bear something displeasing with displeasure is called Tahallum (pretending to be tolerant). And to bear displeasure with pleasure is true Hilm (tolerance).”

[Hadhrat Maseehullah Khan Sahab (Rahimahullah)]

Undeniably, one of the hardest things to do is display patience and moreover smile through circumstances of pain and even anger.  But therein lies the reward…


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6 Responses to Tahullum vs. Hilm

  1. This was good to know. I need to work on this. I think I’ll be working on it forever.

  2. Digital Jewel says:

    We’ll all be workin on it forever. But then, better then not working on it at all.

  3. 😯 Not only did you respond, you also changed your theme! To the same one as mine! You just purpleified it! 😀

  4. Ajla says:

    This is indeed interesting, mashaAllah! I once wrote an article about tolerance. It was to be as an answer against a article by a Philosopher from a University, who had lots of things to say about tolerance. This just reminded me of it. If I had known this back then, I could have used it as a quote. 😀


    Arabic makes me laugh out loud. Being used to languages which rarely explain things with more than two words or so, Arabic has like 15. 😀

    You know Samee? It’s the language spoken by the Samee-people, the natives of the North. In their language they’ve got like 100 words for snow!! (one word for soft snow, another word for hard snow etc.)

  5. Hey salaams!

    Thanks for sharing this! Truly being patient, and then patient AND tollerant is a true gift which everyone should learn to add to their armour. Personally, it took a while… but i’m getting there….

    And then you see me drive – *D’OH* Inshallah one day this will kick in even when i am on the road! 🙂

  6. Ok, ok, DN! I get it. I’m a copy cat. 🙄

    Ooh, I’m sure that essay must have been really interesting, Ajla! And wow, that’s amazing, but must be a hard language to learn. lol.

    Cookie Monster (I gotta say, I like that name :P), yeah, I think it’s even more frustrating on the road. It’s like don’t drivers understand they’re on the road and could possibly cause a lot of damage by driving stupidly?! And I get annoyed at people and I’m only a passenger, so heh. Anyways, inshaAllah you’ll get better about it with time! 🙂

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