It’s a cold day

This is a post dedicated to my sister. Today is her first day back to school (awwwwwww isn’t she cute?! mashaAllah!) and like an excellent student, there she is chatting with me, on Web Messenger. The dumb thing about web messenger is that she can’t see my display picture…and I so badly want to share this with her on this cold, rainy, and windy day:

For you, honey bunches. It’s fresh! You can thank me when you get home :p


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5 Responses to It’s a cold day

  1. Digital Jewel says:

    I cannot believe you’d go out of your way to make me suffer. Really. I’m shocked.

  2. realistic bird says:


    OMG! You little rascal hmm in school eh I thought you were up to no good here and there 😛

    Nah kidding, good to hear you are well sisters. Lovely cup of cocoa yummy! 😀


  3. Wa Alaykum Salaam,
    The lil rascal is up to no good, no joke there 😛 And hope you’ve been keeping well…I tried logging in to FoI and it said the board is offline. I hope it comes back soon, inshaAllah.

    You can have some too, sis ML 😀

  4. realistic bird says:

    Wa alaykum asalaam,

    Alhamdulilah all is well. Hmm about FOI I don’t know what happened there was told anything, Allahu Alam.

    Thanks sis! *takes a sip* Excellent as always. 😀

    Oh I opened a blog for my sweets pictures and recipes I remembered you asked me about them hehe. I’ll send you the link.


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