Browser Wars of my Very Own

I’m having the worst time finding the right browser. I love Firefox, but it’s a resource hog: it sucks up system resources, and doesn’t let them go till you close your window. I decided to switch browsers. I figured I’d give Google’s Chrome a try, and I must say that I loved Chrome. It was light, it was fast, and it did not eat up resources like a greedy little child. The removal of a title and menu bar, with the tabs way up top means more web page real estate. The downside of Chrome is that it makes me feel like Google is following me everywhere I go online. They looking at me buy things on Amazon. They’re raising their eyebrows at me for reading make-up reviews. They’re curiously watching me read the news. They’re puzzling over the political blogs I like to keep up with. They’re basically like my kid brother, hanging onto me, peering in glee over my shoulder. But I already have one kid brother! If I have to get another one, I might as well get the benefit of having someone to pick on every now and then!

So, I switched to Opera. And Opera is great. It’s fairly quick, eats up less resources than Firefox but more than Chrome. It’s got a very convenient Speed Dial feature that allows you to have nine sites of your choosing at your fingertips. You can skin it, color it, and widgetize it. The only problem is that there are quite a few sites that don’t seem to really support it, so those sites tend to look a bit wonky. Also, when I click on a link in my emails, it just sits there. It expects me to tell it to open the link in a new tab. These things bug me.

Then, I switched to Safari, which is in beta for version 4 right now. It’s supposed to have a Top Sites thing like Chrome does, but I can’t find it. No big deal, since those are not sites I can customize as in Opera. So I can live without the Top Sites. It’s supposed to be a speedy and light browser. Yeah, right. It’s just as resource hungry as Firefox, according to my Task Manager. They have done as Chrome did, by putting the tabs up top…this is really nice. Only thing about these tabs is that I can’t move them around. (I like to rearrange my tabs once in a while. Makes me feel more oraganized in my browsing. Don’t look at me like that!) I can’t really find too much about Safari that I like, except that it’s about as fast as Opera…not as slow as Firefox, not as fast as Chrome. There is no Refresh button in the tool bar, either, and their are a million other small things that seem to bug me. Sometimes, I open up a web site and Safari thinks I’m sending in a bug report. Very odd. Clicking a link doesn’t open a new tab, it opens a new window. If I wanted that, I’d tell you, fool! And my last gripe is that it doesn’t seem to be handling autoFill for multiple email accounts and the like very well. I like saving my passwords…help me out by filling them out appropriately! Well, Safari is still in beta, so I guess I could be patient for these little things to be ironed out. Except that the resource-hungry part will always bug me.

The bottom line is that there is no perfect browser…except for Little Brother Chrome. How do I go about making a browser of my own?!  What browser do you use and love, and why? Or is this something that only I am fixated on?


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6 Responses to Browser Wars of my Very Own

  1. realistic bird says:


    Uh? Wow you know about this stuff 😀 I never used anything other than explorer no particular reason just that it never bothered me so I never changed it, though I have fire fox I did find it slow as you said.

    I’ll ask me brother if he knows any other browsers and get back to you.

  2. Salaams! 😆 My techie side kicks in every now and then, leading me to mess about with completely useless things 😳 Explorer bugged me because it didn’t have tabs…so I never bothered to go back to it now that they do have tabbed browsing capabilities.

    Another techie’s input would be awesome, sis! *hug*

  3. Hey salaams!

    Very true about the browsers! I have heard poor reviews for safari 4, so have stayed clear of it. As for Opera – I use it on my Blackberry, and it is so good!

    I used Chrome at the start, but I dont like google collating a “log” on every activity of mine – which left me with firefox – which as bad as it is, lets me get by….

    But only just! 🙂

  4. realistic bird says:


    My bro also uses explorer at work. He said netscape has one, not that bad.

    I found this list of browsers:

    • Salaam 🙂 I might give Netscape another try; I didn’t think they were still producing a browser. And that’s a nice list! There were a couple from there that interested me…I’ll see how it goes, inshaAllah. JazakiAllah khair, sweetness!

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