Paging Iran

Our White House, under the direction of Barack Obama and State Department leadership of Hillary Clinton, is extending an invitation to Iran to get involved in Afghanistan. Because, you know…it’s not like Iran is not tacitly supporting enough death and mayhem in the world. No, Iran is a country with really peaceful goals, and we’ve just not been understanding them properly?

Take for example, Iraq. YouTube has a five-part series of videos on the Baghdad Death Squads, which apparently act under the orders of the Mahdi Army. The Mahdi Army is headed by the wonderful* man Muqtada al Sadr, who is in and out of Iran on a regular basis. Watching the videos, you realize the killing field that Iraq has become. And then you wonder, why on earth would we want Iran, who backs people like these, to be involved in Afghanistan? So that they can encourage the same types of Shi’a on Sunni killing there as well? Or is there a higher purpose.

It’s puzzling, to say the least. I’m all for diplomacy. Let’s extend a hand to Iran and see where it goes, baby steps one at a time. But Iran is a danger to areas that are already under stress, and there is no humanistically sound reason to give them access to an already stressed-to-the-max nation.

*Note: sarcasm. Read with tongue firmly inserted in cheek.


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4 Responses to Paging Iran

  1. realistic bird says:


    *shakes head* pure madness politics these days

    This is the carrot and stick tactic I just posted about. They tangle a carrot for Iran saying it is a way out for them to be “accepted” by the international community then they hit with a stick by saying Iran wants to build a nuclear bomb and has to be stopped.

    Well, for me I don’t want to be “accepted” by them because all the ones before were traitors and hypocrites. They will not accept us as equals we will always be a lesser degree.

  2. Salaam 🙂 It is madness! And acceptance for it’s own sake is one thing, but acceptance for the sake of politics is useless.

  3. Hey salaams!

    I think the Iran situation is blown out of all proportions. The issues actually lie between Iran and Israel. Each one cannot stand each others guts, and make “threats” against one another for fun.

    I feel that the US may be using Afghanistan as a playing card for two reasons:
    1) So that the US can have a better stronghold within Afghanistan because in all honesty they havent had a clue so far.
    2)Give Iran that feel good, feel important status, so that the US can “diplomatically” massage Iran’s egos and get them to give up their nuclear bits.

    It’s all a puppet game – the question is who is whose puppet?

    (I am such a skeptic :D)

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